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Sales Agents support your business in locations your company sales people have no direct access to. Sales agents speak the local language, understand local business values, behavior and ethics. Working with local representation improves results, client relationships, customer feedback and lowers your costs. Consider sourcing and adding sales agents in European countries to your team when expanding your business.


Europe, some history

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Agents working during German fair

Europe; also called ´the old world´, where Greek and Roman soldiers ruled, where many battles have been fought, where ships set sail to new worlds, where gifted musicians composed beautiful music, where nowadays 450 million people find shelter and live together in the 21st century that has brought them prosperity and piece.

A continent with many faces, cultures, languages and habits. A continent where marketing truly means addressing people´s needs in different nations with different demands and expectations. Where one typical market may only hold 3 million consumers and another with different characteristics 50 million. How does a manufacturer with a new and innovative product, prepare for that? What obstacles are to overcome, what pitfalls to avoid?


Business ethics

A German CEO wishes to be approached with respect, An Italian CEO will only let you approach him if anybody else knows you, a Dutch CEO might see you in jeans.

When you are not a local European you probably have a difficulty understanding all these different attitudes and are likely to insult any of your CEO prospects without knowing it. And with only one chance for a right impression that is quite a gamble.

If you wish to learn more about different business ethics in Europe, please follow this link to the Council of British Chambers of Commerce in Europe, COBCOE.


Work with local sales agents

So why not work with local professionals? Salespeople who have no problem understanding the different behaviors of their clients and who adept to that easily? Experts growing your European sales network, increasing visibility and awareness and available during local European business hours. And bottom line, you save money.


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