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Reaching out to European markets requires knowledge of cultures and habits. Despite the European Union, Europeans still have their own, distinct habits and believes.

Direct European sales management improves your customer relationship and adds local sales support to your online webpresence. It is the friendly face around the corner speaking the local language. It enhances the customer experience. Dedicated European sales management improves the communication and feedback. Overseas, international clients, especially B2B, shall show you their appreciation and loyalty and be less susceptible to competitive offerings.

Purchase orders can be sent to the manufacturer from all over the world. The long-run difference comes from the company that is also represented by a local representative in that region. Who negotiates, follows-up on meetings and maintenance talks. That company gains valuable points among its clients and easily acquires inside and/or competitive information. It makes it a lasting relationship.

In the past Europeans preferred meetings in their local language, face to face and they never had to travel far to meet. And today that is still preferred. Building a lasting business relationship in Europe requires just that.

Today European business partners expect a close relationship. A call today must result in action tomorrow. Time zones may not hinder business. Commercial and technical questions must be answered quickly in order to build the relationship and trust. Just be aware, their customers expect the same from them…..!

And in a mature B2B market large customers will require a frequent visit from a representative to maintain the relationship in the local language. If your company is in one of the above situations it may consider working with a local rep. Maybe not permanently, but long enough to establish a strong and reliable bond or to set up a local sales office.

Some Guidelines:

  • Use Euro prices and a local bank with a Euro account,
  • Offer manuals and documents in the local language,
  • Be aware of the different metric systems with additional local differences,
  • Be aware of titles and respect them when addressing people,
  • Despite the EU there may be extra local requirements and laws,
  • Increase of distribution cost has its effects on margins,
  • Local traditions may require a different design / colour etc.,
  • Minimize the feel of physical distance, have a local presence,
  • Be multi linguistic, English isn´t the #1 language for most,
  • The first order fulfillment needs to be executed flawlessly.

 The Approach

Sales4Sales represents its clients in multiple European countries. We follow up on leads, manage the account and visit a customer when necessary. We present ourselves as their local European representative reflected in business cards, letter-heads etc.

 The Result

As mentioned, Europeans are used to ´dealing around the corner´. Remote relationships can easily be mistrusted due to lack of control and the ´personal touch´. And sending personnel overseas leads to increased and uncontrollable overseas costs. Hence our clients rely on Sales4Sales managing sales and marketing from a local sales office. It helps them to easily overcome all those typical European barriers like different standards, languages and habits. Sales4Sales also helps them during exhibitions, when preparing translations for the manual or when discussing repeat sales with one of their premier clients. Successful international sales management means loyal, profitable and happy clients.

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