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Sales4Sales was founded in 2001 by three former business school friends. When they met again by coincidence they informed each other about their experiences in the real world following college. They quickly learned each of them had had troubles entering new European markets in the past. It had taken them some time to fully understand the different European cultures and habits. And it had given some trouble to approach businessmen from countries like Italy, Germany or France. After many years of working for multinational companies and building on their experience, they decided now would be a perfect time. And so they bundled their knowledge for the good of manufacturers and service providers seeking their way into Europe.


 The Growing Years

Sales4Sales at Business Startup in London

Sales4Sales at London Trade show

Since then, their believe that eventually sales could be outsourced to local experts delivering the required results in a timely manner grew. Companies of all sizes have relied on their ability to open doors, initiate contacts, follow up on leads and to close deals. They met with manufacturers at their offices in Orlando, Chicago, Houston, Toronto, Cape Town, Singapore and Dublin to name a few places, in order to understand the product and its advantages. Back in Europe the sales approaches were determined and successfully executed. Many clients still work with Sales4Sales. These company owners gladly have them continue to represent their company, collect purchase orders and handle support requests. Others have employed a local agent sourced and introduced by Sales4Sales to continue serving that local market.


 Where We’re Going

Outsourcing sales has become strategic choices in many companies either to a dedicated sales agency or to a freelance agent.

The recent upturn in the global economy results in manufacturers seeking overseas distributors and agents. And in some cases direct manufacturer representation. Today, Sales4Sales sources motivated distributors, large retailers and experienced agents with the help of its extensive network. And when a more exclusive sales partner is needed, we represent our client directly. Our knowledge of local languages and habits greatly helps overcoming the well-known hurdles. And as a positive spin-off, local Dutch and Belgian entrepreneurs learned of our services and requested support hence we launched a dedicated Dutch website as well.

We’re here to increase your European revenues, successfully enter new markets and represent your firm 24/7.


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