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Manufacturers of innovative products work with Sales4Sales opening new international doors to distributors and clients.

Different languages, habits, cultures; we overcome them!

Sales Agents

European sales agents increase visibility and awareness of your products.

Working with local professionals overcomes the obvious European pitfalls like languages and cultures.

New Markets

Expand your business into the next logical market.

Sales4Sales sources successful distributors and business partners to quickly seize new opportunities.

EU Sales Office

Local professional sales support, 24/7, in the local languages, improving availability of your company during local business hours.

Sales4Sales offers the ease of mind and 24/7 progress updates.

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About Sales4Sales

Sales4Sales identifies new business partners to set up and expand your crossborder, international distribution and sales channels.

As your European sales representatives we overcome language-, distance- and cultural obstacles. We contact new channel partners and follow up on leads. Sales4Sales responds to requests for information and visits and supports your business partners. All the time we are keen on market developments, send feedback about customer meetings and experiences and keep a constant eye on local competition.

Sales4Sales has been a trusted overseas, international sales partner for many manufacturers. Our clients represent a wide variety of industries from all continents in the world. Equipped with knowledge of the unique selling points of your offerings, we gladly contribute to your success.


Sales4Sales Services

Learn on these pages how to avoid the obvious European pitfalls and how to overcome cultural and languages differences and problems. Have your company represented professionally by local experts understanding local habits and languages 24/7. You will feel at ease knowing that trust and reliability with your new German and/or Italian clients is created as they prefer dealing ‘around the corner’. Be informed about competitive offerings from your French business partner. And know your business in Scandinavia is well looked after despite a different time zone. Just some examples of what our clients welcome in working with Sales4Sales. Reliable and skilled agents looking after your business.

We invite you to read about the different solutions offered to initiate or maximize European sales. You will find a full description of the approach and also brief overviews of European habits and business behavior. The articles attached to these pages have also been published in traditional magazines.

Sales4Sales has the knowledge and expertise to set up, expand and maintain business relationships. Tell us your plans today and receive our approach-paper tomorrow!

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European Sales

Active European sales support together with an online presence have a positive effect on your B2B success. While existing and new clients have a direct contact with your online company, your crossborder sales management warrants the professional, personal contact and availability of your company during local business hours.

Contact us to discuss your European business goals. We shall gladly share our knowledge of effective strategies with you.

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Sales Agents

Easily expand your business and enter new European markets.

Local professionals stimulate and promote your European business, boost visibility and awareness of your products and enhance your customer care! Men and women, experts in their field, speaking multiple languages and self motivated are available during your client's business hours for business.

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New Markets

Our clients are manufacturers and service providers looking to serve and further expand into European markets and beyond. Their business goal is to create and secure business relationships with existing and new customers thus enhancing sales and revenues.

Contact us to discuss your market share expansion plans. We shall gladly share our knowledge of effective strategies with you.

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Local Sales Office

Have your company represented in Europe 24/7 and offer your clients support in their local language. Sales4Sales opens doors to new resellers and distributors and maintains and expands business relations in your name, on your behalf.

Contact us to discuss your business goals and the advantages of local representation.

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